Hello there!


My name is Vadzim Miashaikin and I am web developer.
Some of you may know me as karmainside or Karma.
You are now at my personal web page. Feel free to visit any link you can find. Enjoy!


I was born in Brest, Belarus. After graduating from school I've moved to Warsaw, Poland. I've been studying there and now am working as Frontend developer.

Some more facts

I like coding, esports, mountains and playing tennis.

And even more...

What I do

Coding is my passion

I have huge experience in web development, both frontend and backend.

For frontend I use Javascript (ES6+), HTML5 and CSS3. I've been working with plenty of frameworks and tools, so the list is really long. I'll update it sometimes. As for now I mostly use Node, React, jQuery.
I write backend in PHP and have good experience with Yii, Laravel, Symphony frameworks.

I'm also experienced in mobile app and game development. Me and my friend even won Best Startup title at GDS Conference in Minsk in 2014. Some my apps & games are published in app markets, I'll show it to you in some time :)

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me. I will try to reply ASAP.